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Buying A Home-Possible Expenses

 Earnest Money

  • Usually a minimum of $1000+
  • Comes off of your down payment amount at closing
    Close-up Of Businessperson Calculating Tax With Calculator At Desk

 Attorney $375-$800

 Home Inspection – $400-$600

 Additional inspections

  • Radon $200+
  • Well and Septic $300-$500
  • Air Quality/Mold $200+

 Appraisal $400-$600

  • Usually included in your lending fees.
  • Lender should be able to verify exact amount.

 Down Payment

  • A percentage of the purchase price, anywhere from 3%-20%+, depending on what type of loan you will be using.Financial concept. Coins in glass money jar with house label. Wooden background

 Home Owner Association (If Applicable)

  • Some HOAs require a move in/out fee and they also may require you to pay a certain number of months in reserves.

 Closing Cost o $2500+

 Your lender should be able to give you a better estimate.