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Buying A Home-Timeline

 Get started with a lender on the preapproval process and determine a budget for purchase price, taxes, and homeowners association fees.

 Start searching for a home.

  • Determine your must-have qualities in a home.
  • Narrow down town, neighborhoods, school districts etc.Low angle view of a large front porch with furniture and potted plants. Vertical format.

 When you’ve found a home that you like, we can write an offer.

  • Offers will include purchase price and terms of sale.
  • We will negotiate back and forth with the seller until we either have a mutually agreed upon contract or it is determined that an agreement cannot be met.
  • Possible multiple offer situations.
  • We may have to write several offers until we can come to an agreement with a seller.

 Offer is accepted!

  • Earnest Money will need to be given. This is typically a minimum of $1000 and comes off your down payment.
  • 5 Day attorney review and home inspection period.
  • Both the buyer and seller have the option to cancel the contract for any reason during this period.
  • Home inspections are at buyer’s cost and can include: general, radon, air quality, lead based paint, well and septic.

 Contract to close.

Real estate website mock up on laptop screen tablet and smartphone

  • Complete loan process including submitting all required docs and meeting all lender conditions.
  • Appraisal is completed.
  • Depending on the type of financing you are using, the property needs to meet certain livable standards.
  • Final walk through.
  • Closing.
  • Bring remainder of down payment, plus any closing cost.
  • Keys are usually given at closing.